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About CheeseNet

Cheesenet is an interprofessional non-profit organisation. It is supported by the EL.O.G. (Hellenic Milk Organization) and the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), and has members various companies producing cheese and dairy products. Having extensive experience in the area, Cheesenet has undertaken numerous initiatives for the modernisation of companies active in the dairy products sector. Furthermore, it has undertaken the promotion of cheese products in Greece and abroad, with excellent results.

CheeseNet was founded on January 15th 1998 in Karditsa, as part of a Cluster business networking programme. From the beginning, it was decided it would take the form of a non-profit organisation, in order to ensure full transparency in the handling of the programme and its resources and funding.

CheeseNet has already successfully completed one Cluster programme, and has developed extensive initiatives in the area of Greek PDO cheeses in Greece and abroad. In this manner, it has contributed to the increase of cheese products consumption. Furthermore, within the first trimester of 2007, CheeseNet will complete the promotion of Feta PDO cheese in the internal market, based on Reg. 2826/2000.

Additionally, CheeseNet has been contributing - individually or through the Association of Greek Dairy Products Industries (SEVGAP) – towards the promotion of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products. This is accomplished through various actions, usually in collaboration with public institutions (Ministry for Rural Development And Food), and by participating in exhibitions and business and commercial events. Based on the results, it is considered the most trustworthy institution today in its sector for the promotion of cheese products in Greece and abroad.

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