Formaella Arahovas


Formaella Arahovas cheese is traditionally produced in the municipality of Arahova Parnassus of the Viotia prefecture, from goat milk, sheep milk or a combination of both. It is a semi-hard cheese with a peppery taste and rich aroma that is consumed as a table cheese after maturation of at least 3 months. It can also be consumed melted in "saganaki" (fried cheese). It has a 50% maximum humidity and 40% minimum dry fat content. It has a compact touch and a yellowish colour, and is commonly available in 0.5 kgr pieces.

Milk used for its production comes exclusively from herds of sheep and goats traditionally raised and adapted to the particular region, whose diet is based on locally found plants.

For its production, milk coagulation occurs at 32 oC within 2 hours. The curd is then warmed up to 40 oC for 10 minutes. It is then divided into big pieces than fit in special moulds called "kofinaki". The moulds with the curd are then immersed in cheese-milk at a temperature of 60 oC for one hour. The cheese is then removed from the moulds, upturned and re-placed in the moulds. These are once again immersed in warm cheese-milk at a temperature of 75-80 oC for an hour. The cheese is then taken out of the cheese-milk, is salted and allowed to dry for 24 hours. After drying, the cheese is removed from the moulds and is placed on shelves for 4 days to complete the drying process. The cheese is then ready for consumption.

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