Katiki Domokou


Katiki Domokou cheese is traditionally produced in the Orthis plateau, in the region of Domokos, from sheep milk, goat milk or a combination of both. It is a creamy white cheese, with a soft, slightly sour flavour, pleasant flavour and aroma, and no skin. It has a 75% maximum humidity and 40% minimum dry fat content. Milk used for its production comes exclusively from Domokos, from herds of sheep and goats traditionally raised and adapted to the particular region, whose diet is based on locally found plants.

For its production, the milk is warmed to 75 oC for 30 seconds and then is cooled at 27-28 oC. It is then placed in cheese booths at 20-22 oC with or without rennet, where it stays until it becomes a curd. It is then compressed and transported into cloth sacks for draining. The draining is complete when the curd has a humidity of 75-80%. The drained curd is salted and stirred to obtain a uniform aspect, and is then packed in containers which are kept in cooling booths at less than 4 oC until it is consumed.

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