Kefalograviera cheese is produced in the regions of Western Macedonia, Epirus and the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania from sheep milk or a combination with goat milk, in which case goat milk should not exceed 10% of the total.

It has a hard and thin skin; dry appearance and yellow to light brown colour. It has a 40% maximum humidity and 40% minimum dry fat content. It has a hard and elastic touch with many small cuts on its mass. Kefalograviera has a pleasant salty taste and rich aroma.

For its production, milk is coagulated at 32-34 oC. The obtained curd is divided after 35 minutes. It is re-warmed and constantly stirred at 48 oC and then poured in moulds and placed under pressure. The cheese is transported to a room at 14-16 oC and relative humidity of approximately 85%. After a day, it is placed in 18-20 Be brine for two days. The maturation of the cheese is initially done in booths at 14-16 oC and relative humidity 85-90%. During this stage, the cheese is salted approximately 10 times and is periodically upturned. When the salting process is complete, the cheese is placed in booths with a temperature of less than 6 oC for the completion of maturation, which lasts at least 3 months.

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