Ladotyri Mytilinis


Ladotyri Mytilinis cheese is produced in the island of Lesvos from sheep milk or a combination with goat milk, the latter not exceeding 30% of the total.

It is also referred to as 'kefalaki' ('little head'). Its basic characteristic is that is stored in olive oil, which is why it is called 'ladotyri' (lit. 'oil cheese'). It has a strong, salty taste and pleasant aroma, and is a table cheese. It is classified as a hard table cheese and has a hard and dry skin, with small cuts; its colour is off-white, slightly yellowish.

For its production, milk coagulation occurs at 32-34 oC, with enough rennet added for the coagulation to complete in 30 minutes. The curd is then divided, warmed up to 45 oC and poured into moulds, where it stays until it obtains a constant structure and its characteristic shape. It is then salted, and left to mature in rooms with a high relative humidity of approximately 85% and a temperature of 12-18 oC for at least 3 months.

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