Pichtogalo Chanion


Pichtogalo Chanion cheese is produced in the prefecture of Hania, Crete, from sheep milk, goat milk or a combination of both.

It is a white table cheese with a fresh, acescent taste and aroma. It has a compact mass without a skin or any cuts and holes. It has a 65% maximum humidity and 50% minimum dry fat content. It is commonly available in metal containers.

For its production, coagulation of milk occurs at a temperature of 18-25 oC within 2 hours. After the completion of the coagulation process, the curd remains for acidification for 24 hours. It is then transferred in cloth sacks for draining. After one percent of salt is added to the drained curd, the produce is ready for consumption. It is produced in units located in the same area where the milk used is also produced.

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