Crêpes with Manouri and mushrooms

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For the crêpes
500 ml fresh milk
150 gr flour
3 eggs
20 ml olive oil
5 gr salt
5 gr finely chopped dill
For the filling
250 gr Manouri cut in small pieces
150 gr mushrooms
40 gr finely chopped onion
40 gr butter
50 ml white wine
3 gr white pepper


Sieve the flour and add all the crêpe ingredients. Mix them in a mixer and sieve the mixture again, so as to remove any lumps.

In a crêpe frying pan, prepare one by one the crêpes; put a small portion of the mixture in the frying pan, line it with the mixture and cook until golden brown. Turn over to cook the other side, if necessary.

Cook the mushrooms and the onion in the butter and add the wine. Add the pepper and the chopped Manouri and mix until you obtain a uniform mixture.

Fill the crêpes with the cheese mixture and place for a few minutes in a pre-heated oven.

Serve the crêpes warm.

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