Veal with Formaella Arahovas

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1 kg of veal, cut in slices
250 gr Formaella Arahovas cut in cubes
1/2 kg eggplants cut in cubes
1/2 kg red peppers cut in cubes
1/2 kg green peppers cut in cubes
2 onions (350 gr)
600 gr ripe tomatoes
80 gr tomato puree
60 ml white wine
150 ml olive oil
2 cloves garlic
10 gr salt
8 gr red pepper


Lightly fry the peppers and the eggplants. Let them drain on kitchen paper.

Add salt and pepper to the meat and sauté using the olive oil. Add the onions, the garlic and the wine and mix. Add the tomatoes, the tomato purée, the eggplants and the peppers. Let it cook for 1 hour.

Divide the cooked meat into small oven pots. Add the Formaella Arahovas on top and bake in a pre-heated oven until the cheese melts.

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